Keepsakes are items kept in memory of the person who gave it or originally owned it.  How many keepsakes do you have??  How much more emphasis do you place on a keepsake once the person who owned it or gave it to you passes away?

When my mum sadly, suddenly passed away it was a shock to us all.  Although she was diagnosed with a tumour we were all confident that she was going to be with us for quite a while longer.  This was not to be! Words can’t describe how much we all miss her.

Weeks later when  the time came to sort through her belongings it was like everything you touched held a memory of her and we wanted to hold onto it for a keepsake.  Those who know me well would say I am a bit of a hoarder (although I am improving immensely) which made the task even more difficult.  Now there is only so much you can take on a plane or save in a box til a later date to collect which meant I had to be realistic.

One thing I did keep was a blanket that my mum had crotched that was in need of repair. My crocheting skills are not that great.  This was when I decided to also take all the crocheting implements, patterns and yarn as an incentive to teach myself to crochet. I could then become proficient enough to mend the blanket and possibly make other items that I could leave as keepsakes for my family.

It was such a nice feeling when I picked up something that I knew I had given to my mum and the memories that it held.  It was also nice knowing that my mum valued the item enough to hold onto for a keepsake.

We did remember most things that we had given to mum and we all respectively kept them as our own keepsakes.  Though there were instances where no one could remember who had given an item to Mum.   This has prompted me to add to my list of things to do “A catalogue” of my keepsakes that I have.  I am going to take photos and put a brief description of where it came from and what it means to me.  I am sure in doing this I may be able to eliminate some keepsakes that really are past their ‘use by date’ or just not significant enough to be a keepsake.  Let’s face it there are only so many keepsakes you can hold onto.  After all it is the memory of our loved ones that lives on within our hearts forever.

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