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Motivation –  what is the meaning of the word?  It is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Also the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.


What motivation have you got??   What would it take to get you motivated??


When you see someone succeeding and hear their story behind why they have succeeded this can often be the motivation and inspiration you need to do what you want to do.


Is it that we are stuck in a ‘rut’ and this is why we lack the motivation to do anything? We just need that inspiration or passion for something that really excites us!  More often than not we are searching for our life purpose or a job that we really enjoy.  A job that would drive us to jump out of bed each morning with excitement.


I am one of the fortunate ones that has recently (well in the past few years) found my life purpose to be a life coach.  This came about listening to the stories of others and the achievements they have made giving me the motivation to do what I love doing.


This is not something I found straight away….I did try quite a few things beforehand that I thought were my life purpose, my husband can vouch for that.  In actual fact my life purpose found me.  The inspirational video I received via email was enough to set me on my journey to being a life coach and I haven’t looked back.  I am passionate about supporting and helping who I can to live the life they choose!


Would the fact that you are only on this planet for a short time be enough motivation to be doing what you love doing rather than just existing?


We can hear and see many things from people that may give us the motivation to do what we want to do. As with everything it is up to us to take the action!

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