Can you laugh at yourself?

sillinessCan you laugh at yourself!   I often laugh at myself as my family can tell you.  Quite often they  find me talking to myself also, actually I even answer myself back sometimes…..sign of going crazy I know.

I just had to tell you about my little mishap this morning!  I had an early morning coaching call at 7.30am and decided that I would have my breakfast bright and early so there would be no stomach gurgling during the call.  Every second day I make a nice healthy smoothie and today was the day!  In goes some apple, pear, kiwi fruit, frozen blueberries, kale, flax seeds, chai seeds, LSA, yoghurt and some coconut water….all in there….switched it on and just one minor technicality!…..I forgot to put the lid on!!!!    As you can imagine the ingredients went everywhere including all over me!     What else can one do but laugh at yourself!   Those seeds were everywhere.  I even found a piece of Kiwi fruit over near the laundry door some 3 metres away.

Maybe I get this what you may call ‘vagueness’ for want of a better word from my mum she was always laughing at herself.  Nothing like a good belly laugh anyway to lighten the mood.  As the saying goes “No good crying over spilt milk”!   Some hours later on speaking to my husband about it he said ” You sure it didn’t go on the ceiling?”   Sure enough I looked up and there were all these spats of yoghurt and fruit dotted on the ceiling.  Oh well nothing a bit of soap and water and elbow grease to clean it off and I have a clean kitchen and ceiling once more!

Can you laugh at yourself??  Is there something that you have done and maybe couldn’t laugh about at the time but can now when you recall it??  Love to hear about!

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