From Frustration to Fear to Action to Freedom

angry_business_manFrom Frustration to Fear to Action to Freedom

Have you ever been down this track?  You would be amazed how quickly you can go from one to the other!

My husband experienced all these within one week this week.  Just to fill you in… husband got made redundant just under 2 years ago.  While at this time he experienced the fear of not having a job this was short lived with the offer of a job from a Queensland based company.  Small problem was he would be working 2 weeks away and  have 1 week home.   Although it was hopeful to know the company only saw this as a short term arrangement with the vision  to grow the company and have  permanent work in Melbourne.

Some eighteen months later the prospect of work in Melbourne was no closer.  To add to this the prior arrangement of 2 weeks away and 1 week home seemed to turn into 4 weeks away 2 weeks home, 3 weeks away 2 days home, it became very erratic.  As you can imagine trying to sustain a family life and plan a social life was becoming impossible he just never knew when he was going to be home.  The frustration of not knowing what you are doing so you can plan to catch up with family and friends meant that if you wanted to guarantee attending a family function you had to apply for annual leave just for a weekend event.

My husband was grateful for his week at home to do odd jobs around the home and enjoy his passion of surfing.  When this flowed over to 2 weeks and he was waiting around just to hear when and where he would be going next this bought about the frustration.  One would say that it is awesome being paid to be home…things are not always what they seem though as he could be called at the drop of a hat to be on a plane in a couple of hours to go to work and not even knowing when he was going to return.  Often he was told that he was going to be away for maybe a week or two and then this could turn into 4 weeks and all the plans that were made for when you thought he was going to be home went out the door. You can now see the frustration of the “not knowing”.   Well of course the answer to this was find another job! Life is too short to be in a job that makes you unhappy.  Ah easier said than done…. That is where the fear and uncertainty comes in not to mention the indecision of what to do!  How secure does it feel to stay where you are?…… better than the fear of the ‘unkown’.  Heard  the saying “Better the devil you know”  What point do you have to get to ….. to just take that leap and get out of your comfort zone?

I am proud to say that a week ago today my husband overcame that ‘fear’ and made the decision he wanted to be home with his family working permanently in Melbourne.  On making this decision he overcame his ‘fear’ and took ‘action’ making a few phone calls and within 2 days he had a job offer, actually 2 job offers.  Now he has ‘freedom’ you can even hear the difference in his voice over the phone. “The Icing is in the Cake” as they say…….the joy and benefits of overcoming that ‘fear’ out way the security of staying put!   As I type this my husband is making his way home from Western Australia and it will be so good to have him home and have normality in our lives not to mention a Happy Hubby!  Proud of you “Polly” (that’s what we all call him).

What frustration and fear can you overcome to take action and have Freedom!

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