Still laughing at myself

Laughing Image Live Laugh LoveStill laughing at myself!

Is it just me or does this happen to others all the time??  Not sure what  I was thinking at the time to attract this situation to myself.
As you know last time it was the mishap with the blender. This time it was the salt and pepper grinder.   I will start at the beginning.  We previously owned a combined Salt and Pepper grinder and to cut a long story short I dropped it and it was never the same again after that.    Some weeks ago they had a sale at Harvey Norman and I purchased another salt and pepper grinder.  I Got the shaker home and discovered it needed batteries, 6 AAA’s mind you.  Well it sat on the bench for some time before I finally remembered to buy the batteries.  I bought them home and  my husband was standing at the sink washing the dishes and I filled the grinder with pepper and salt and put the batteries in, I turned away to put the empty packet in the bin.  Well my hubby picks up the grinder  to make sure the lid is on properly and was holding it over the sink and you guessed it, he dropped it in the sink…the lid was quite secure in his hand the rest of the grinder Immersed in the water. Well again I could do nothing but laugh.  All that time to get the batteries and now we have a grinder that does not work.

Not to be disheartened I made another trip to Harvey Norman to purchase another one lucky they were still only $19.95.  This grinder did make it to it’s first use and a few more but then started to only work when it felt like it.  This morning my husband had cooked up some nice scrambled eggs and I was telling him how the grinder didn’t appear to be working, he suggested it was probably the batteries.  I took the grinder apart and inspected it and decided it was probably the batteries also.   I then put the grinder back together and pushed the lid down.  I then proceeded to collect my freshly cooked scrambled eggs and picked up the grinder to see if it could possibly work…..well it seems yet again the lid was not on properly and the grinder went crashing to the floor. You can see the results below!   Again I just cracked up and started to laugh proceeding to the table to eat my breakfast before it got cold and clean the mess later.   I have come to the conclusion we are not meant to have a grinder that is combined!

Is there something that you are sure you are never meant to have??


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