Menopause and Night Sweats

night sweats Menopause and Night Sweats where to start!

Seems a woman’s woes don’t stop. Firstly with the trials and tribulations of entering womanhood.   Settling in to this then comes the excitement of having a family only to be faced with the pain of  child birth and all the little aftermaths that come with it. Of course this is all worthwhile for the love of our children.

Then comes the time where our children become adults, leave home and we start to enjoy the onset of Midlife crisis and Menopause.

It is such a joy and we are so lucky NOT!!  I have recently experienced the onset of the night sweats and I can tell you it is not pleasant.  How can it be so nice and snug in bed one minute and then  you are overcome with heat, throwing off the bed clothes and  the beads of sweat make you feel like your  in a swimming pool.

This reminds me a book that I read recently that really made me laugh on this subject….I have put a little extract below on Menopause and Night Sweats….it you are interested I can let you know where to purchase it!

“Sleep was apparently not allowed by those nasty little demons up in the heavens that were playing with me. I could just picture them, up there, laughing and seeing what other plagues they could send my way. Shits!

My poor, poor, husband bore the brunt though dear Reader….the poor bastard didn’t know what to do! Who exactly is this raging, fishwife who has taken over my wife’s body? What evil spell has befallen my wife and turned her into the little girl out of “The Exorcist”, turning twisting head, bulging eyes, speaking tongue and all?

Oh dear Reader, it wasn’t a pretty sight and yet I still persevered with the madness for 2 years.”

Anyone else have some stories to tell regarding the onset of midlife crisis and Menopause.

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