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“Change is as good as a holiday!” so the saying goes!  When my husband uttered this sentence 5 years ago he didn’t realise the implications of his statement or the ‘real’ changes it would make in his life.   For 12 months I had been feeling the urge for a “sea change” or should I call it a “state change”.  I was born in Queensland but had lived most of my life in WA, whilst my husband had lived “ALL” of his life in WA.  In earlier years it was a massive change just moving houses from the Southern suburbs of WA where my husband grew up to the Northern suburbs of WA to be near the ocean. As you can imagine it took some convincing not only of my husband but my children to move from Sunny (which is not always true I might add) Western Australia to the other side of Australia to Melbourne where the weather is let’s say unpredictable, sometimes 4 seasons in one day!  I can quite confidently say that we are now quite settled and loving it although we do miss having our extended families close and my husband is still not happy about the weather.   As they say the advantages far outway the disadvantages.

So the story goes…..I had lost all hope of moving to Melbourne when the agent who was selling the house we had looked at some months prior, to say…..  “Offers were being presented to the vendor and were we still interested?”  I ask my husband and when he uttered those words “A Change is as good as a holiday” I truly believe in the back of his mind he thought our offer would not be successful.  Seems fate was on my side or should I say “Law of Attraction” of which I knew nothing about at that stage and the offer was accepted.  Then you start to ask yourself the question have I done the right thing etc etc.   In the beginning it was not easy as our children did not move with us straight away having jobs, university and being away travelling. Now 5 years on we have embraced the change and it is now a part of our lives.

You may be asking yourself what is the point I am trying to make?  We are creatures of habit and the longer the habit has been formed the harder it makes it to change.  Examples of this are smoking, diet, health, career, opinions etc etc.

This is not to say we don’t want to make the change, we think about it, we talk about it and sometimes make attempts to make the changes. Then it all gets too hard and it is easier to stay where we are than make the change.  Some people don’t want to put in the effort they want someone to do it for them, but alas only you can make the changes within yourself after all you are in charge of your life, you have the remote control!

When someone starts a new diet or gives up smoking they start to feel and see the benefits that these changes are making in their life.  Ah! but to sustain these changes is not so easy.  Sabotage comes into the picture, you may think it is ‘will power’ that let’s them down but more often than not it is the limiting ‘belief’ that they can’t do it!  These limiting beliefs they have collected in their past  are telling them that they “can’t do it”  or “don’t deserve it.”  The key is getting to the point of believing in yourself, how do others know what you are capable of? Only you know what you are capable of doing.  More often than not you are capable of more than you believe… or is that your are or were lead to believe!

Getting back to the “Change is as good as holiday!”

You go on holidays the anticipation and organisation beforehand is exciting but exhausting.  The holiday is never long enough…….For most people when you get home you get the ‘blues’ wanting to be back on holidays.  On a recent 6 day break to sunny North QLD in Port Douglas I would have liked to stay longer as it was good weather, good company and good times.  Saying this I was still happy to go home and looked forward to being home and doing what I love doing.  The reason for this is I made the decision some months ago,  “Life is too short to not to be doing what you love doing.”  You spend more hours in your career or job than anything else so why not enjoy it!  Holidays are great wouldn’t it be nice to come home from a holiday and be saying “Looking forward to work tomorrow” than “I don’t want to go back to work”.  This would put a whole new meaning on “A Change is as good as a holiday”.  Are you willing to make the change and live the life you choose!???

Thinking Positive for a Happy Life

I-enjoy-being-feeling-and-thinking-positiveWHAT IS POSITIVE THINKING?

   “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” –    AbrahamLincoln


So what exactly is positive thinking? You might be tempted to assume that it implies seeing the world through rose-colored lenses by ignoring or glossing over the negative aspects of life.

However, positive thinking actually means approaching life’s challenges with a positive outlook. It does not necessarily mean avoiding or ignoring the bad things; instead, it involves making the most of potentially bad situations, trying to see the best in other people, and viewing yourself and your abilities in a positive light.

It sounds simple just to start thinking Positive “YES” and it is Simple, but “EASY” it is NOT.

We form daily habits from a very early age. You shower, brush your teeth and eat your breakfast daily and these are some of the early habits we form. We learnt and formed these habits from our parents and the people in the environment around us as we grew up.  Mind you I tried in vain to teach my children the habit of keeping their rooms tidy daily but that just never happened! Seems a habit they just did not want to pick up.

Our peers and family had a large impact on our thinking.  Was your environment a ‘negative’ or ‘positive?’ Environment?  My family had a bit of both growing up mainly positive thinking generated from my mum.  My mother nearly always maintained a Positive thinking attitude no matter what happened and managed to raise us six children with the same Attitude.

So you say how simple is it?  This Simple – when you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts or saying negative things, STOP yourself and turn these negative thoughts around to thinking positive and saying positive words. There is always a positive to the situation, person or thing that has happened.

Ah but do you find this so easy to do?  Comes back to the ‘old habits’.  Fears and doubts and old beliefs creep back in.  So you not only have to be able to change your way of thinking to positive thoughts but you also have to be able to “Master your mind”.  Your subconscious has buried those habits and thinking so deep inside it is hard to release them. This comes back to practice and forming a ‘new’ habit.

One of my little tricks when faced with a person or situation that is bringing me down is thinking of a song or a moment in your life you remembered that makes me feel good.  A song that comes to mind for me is   “Always look on the bright side of things”.  A moment that comes to mind would have to be the birth of my children!

A saying my mum used to always say as well.  Live, Laugh, Love which is where the name of my Life Coaching business originated from always makes the moment ‘Light’.     Also when mum was faced with things that seemed impossible and far out of reach she would say “Stranger things have happened”.   These are just a few of her habits I picked up along the way.  Oh I did also pick up her habit of being clumsy but hey that is not so bad.

Can you start “Thinking Positive” for a happy life today?



Is it healthy to eat yoghurt?

If you eat yoghurt,  Is it healthy yogurt?

I found this brand new article for you that shows you some of the
problems with some types of yogurt and also which food you can eat that’s
BETTER for you than yogurt…

The Problem with Some Yogurt (what to look for)

by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist

As you’ve probably noticed in the last couple of years, probiotics are all the
rage as one of THE most important factors that helps control your immune system
(an estimated 70% of your immune system resides in your gut), as well as your
digestive system health.

Most people “think” they get enough health-boosting probiotics from
yogurt (the average person eats yogurt almost daily).  Unfortunately,
there are some problems with yogurt
that you need to be aware of…

1.  First problem with yogurt:

Some brands of yogurt actually contain live cultures and some do not.
Almost all yogurts found in the US start with pasteurized milk… that’s not
such a problem because once the live cultures are added and the milk fermented,
you once again have a live and active food that’s easier to digest than regular
milk and has a reduced lactose content due to the consumption of lactose by the

Sadly, some brands pasteurize the yogurt AFTER it’s been fermented (cultured)
which kills the beneficial probiotics.  On the other hand, most good brands of yogurt do NOT
pasteurize after fermenting, so the probiotics are still alive for your

The amount of probiotics in yogurt varies widely based on the brand and type,
but I’ve seen estimates anywhere from 1 Billion to 5 Billion CFUs per
cup.  This is decent, but low compared to some other probiotic sources
we’ll discuss in a bit.

The KEY is that you need to look for “live and active cultures” on
the label, or another labeling that indicates the probiotics are still active.

2.  Second problem with yogurt:

Most yogurts in the US are sadly adulterated with way too many sweeteners,
whether sugar, corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners.

Remember that sucralose kills probiotics, so any yogurt that’s been sweetened
with sucralose (aka, splenda) will most likely have a greatly reduced probiotic
content or possibly even be fully dead.

And most other yogurts are produced to appease the overly aggressive sweet
taste buds of American consumers, so they simply contain too much sugar to be
considered healthy.

I always recommend choosing unsweetened plain yogurt or plain greek yogurt and
adding your own stevia or other natural sweetener if you need extra sweetness
beyond the addition of whole fruit.  Personally, I love to simply add a
small scoop of Biotrust Low-Carb Vanilla protein to my plain yogurt (along
with some berries and nuts) and it makes the PERFECT sweetness in my opinion!

I also personally choose FULL-fat yogurt and not all of this silly skim 0%
yogurt that’s out there these days.  Remember that the extra fat in
full-fat yogurt satisfies your appetite and cravings so that you eat less
calories later in the day.  Also, if you can find yogurt from grass-fed
cows, the fat portion of the yogurt is VERY healthy and contains powerful vitamin K2 (shown to reduce
heart disease risk) as well as CLA (found to
reduce cancer risk and help to reduce body fat), and also omega-3 fats, which
you also know are vital to your health.

3.  Third problem with yogurt:

The last problem with yogurt that I wanted to bring to your attention today is
that yogurt is not necessarily the best source of probiotics, both in terms of
quantity and also variety of strains.

Variety is KEY when it comes to the overall power of probiotics for your
immunity and digestion.

Most yogurts only contain 3-4 strains of probiotics.  On the other hand, Kefir is a fermented dairy
drink that contains anywhere from 10-20 strains of probiotics depending on the
brand and type.  In addition, Lassi is an
Indian style fermented dairy drink that also contains a much wider variety of
strains than yogurt does.

In terms of quantity of probiotics, yogurts generally contain between 1 Billion
to 5 Billion CFU’s per cup, whereas most Kefir or Lassi contains anywhere from 7 Billion to 50 Billion active
CFU’s per cup depending on the brand and type.  Most yogurts are only
cultured for 2-3 hours, whereas kefir is generally cultured for 12-16 hours,
increasing it’s probiotic content and making it easier for digestion.

Also, most Kefir is 99% lactose free and is by far the easiest to digest type
of dairy on the market due to the “predigestion” that the active
cultures perform on the kefir before you drink it.

Kefir is a GREAT addition to any smoothies that you make instead of using water
or almond milk because you get the immune system and digestive system benefits
of the probiotics in Kefir, which you can’t get in almond milk.

Again, I personally choose FULL-FAT (for the reasons I described above with
full-fat yogurt as well) when I look for a good kefir and I try to find
grass-fed as well.  If I don’t use kefir in smoothies, one way I like it
is just simply to add a small touch of real maple syrup, vanilla, and chia
seeds to a cup of kefir — amazingly delicious snack for anytime!

Interestingly, I recently found out from their website that Lifeway brand kefir
is made from grass-fed milk
in ALL of their products (even though they don’t include that on the labels),
so the fat content in Lifeway kefir will also contain those ever so important
nutrients of vitamin K2 for heart health, CLA for cancer protection and body
fat reduction, and omega 3 fats for overall health.  The full-fat greek
kefir by Lifeway is my favorite and I use it almost every day!

With all of this said about yogurt and kefir, please note that I do NOT drink
regular commercial milk that’s been pasteurized and homogenized.  It’s a
dead food that has harmful microscopic fat particles due to the
homogenization.  On the other hand, yogurts and kefirs generally start
with pasteurized milk, (but NOT homogenized), and are made alive and easier to
digest again through the fermentation process.

For this reason, I choose to NEVER use commercial milk, but I use yogurt
several times a week, and I use Kefir DAILY because of it’s health benefits and
great taste.

Lastly, if you’re skeptical that ANY dairy could be good for you because you’ve
fallen for certain anti-animal food propaganda that floats around out there on
the internet, here’s one last fact to consider that might make vegans want to
switch to vegetarians…

It’s well known that in the Caucasus Mountains and other areas of eastern
Europe, that natives to that area drink kefir daily
throughout their lives and routinely live to over 100
years old
.  And in India, fermented dairy in the form of
Lassi is routinely consumed with daily meals, and they display much better
health than the average American.

Clearly, if “dairy was bad for you” as many so-called
“experts” seem to like to claim, these natives in the Caucasus
Mountains that drink dairy every day of their lives wouldn’t be living to 100
years old!  Just shows you to beware of who you trust for your health

Lastly for today, now that you know the vital importance of probiotics to your
digestion, immunity, and overall health, make sure to check this out:

Find out if you have a DANGEROUS bacterial imbalance in your gut
(handy quiz)

Also, remember that VARIETY of probiotics is KEY… that’s why in addition to
kefir, lassi, yogurt, and fermented veggies (krauts, kvaas, etc) as good
sources for a variety of strains of probiotics, I also personally take a probiotic supplement daily, which I think is
particularly powerful due to the micro-encapsulation technology which keeps the
probiotics alive through your harsh stomach so that they can properly colonize
your intestines.

If you are feeling the urge to ‘feel’ healthy and want to change your body and lifestyle check this out

I love seeing people feel the benefits of a healthy lifestyle without being over the top



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Tip for the Day! – Flip Switch

Tip for the Day from me to you!  – not even sure where I learnt this tip from but it has always stuck in my mind.  I share this often with clients.

Take a moment right now and think of a really good feeling moment in your life.  This could be a great achievement you made in your life – Your Wedding Day, the Birth of a Child or simply a special moment shared with family or friends.  Think how good it made you ‘feel’…..this is your “Flip Switch”

When you are having one of those days where nothing is going right or you are feeling overwhelmed – Stop yourself there right now and think “Flip Switch” the thought of that special moment will come flooding back and you will be amazed how this can change your mood making you feel good and the day will start to flow better.

The more we think about how bad something is the worse it seems to get. There are many more processes you will learn in coaching sesssions

“Flip Switch” brightens my day often!  Here’s hoping it brightens yours

Free Life Coaching Session

chezFree Life Coaching Session

What area of your life would you

like to focus on improving?

Career, Health, Love or just simply to live each day as you would like!

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”

Life is going to find way to test you. At times, you may feel that life is unfair. The urge to quit during these times are the highest but don’t give in. Whatever your focus is, if it’s important to you, then fight for it. Just remember that there is more than one way to achieve your dreams. If one way doesn’t work, just change your strategy. Everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another.

As a life coach I can guide you to put processes in place that will keep you focused. When focusing on transforming your life ‘old issues’ may arise that have been blocking you from getting what you want and I can help you deal with these and let them go!

I am so passionate about helping people to tranform their lives I am offering a ‘free’ coaching session to see if this is just what you have been looking for!


Is it time for ‘you’ now to fufill your life?

Is it time for ‘You’ now to fufill your life? Has it come to a point in your life when it is time for “YOU”?  As Mums and wives we have spent a greater part of our life looking after the needs of everyone else.  Whilst we enjoyed this time,  we are now feeling the need to fufill our life in a different way.   What would you really like to do?   What changes would you like to make in your life?  What would motivate you to make these changes?  At the age of 53 I found my passion and purpose.  I am offering a  ‘free’ Life Coaching session which could be just the start you need to find clarity around this!

Art of Perception Photo

What do you see in this picture? Have you ever thought about the word “Perception”………See this Art of Perception photo above…..Some people see a young lady looking away. Others see an old lady looking down. Depending on how you look at it, part of the picture might be the young woman’s nose and eyelash, or it might be a wart on the old woman’s nose. What is the young woman’s ear might be the old woman’s eye. What is the young woman’s necklace might be the old woman’s mouth. The picture hasn’t really changed. You just emphasize different parts of it and assign them different meaning. Our willingness to accept that we all see things differently would make it easier to accept no one person is actually ‘right’ and ‘agree to disagree’. Food for thought!

Time for changes and see your New Years Resoltuion seeing you live the life you want

Is it time for changes in your life? What New Years Resoluton did you make? What would make you motivated to achieve it? Life Coaching is now playing a big part in helping people make the changes in their lives whether it be in their Career, Health or Relationships.

We make New Years Resolutions with all good intentions only to see them fade into the background and be forgotten about a few weeks later.

What area of your life was yours in??   Health, Career, Relationships or to find your life purpose?

Old habits die hard they say!  Accountability plays a large part in making change.  As your life coach I can assist you be accountable to yourself with powerful processes to create ‘new’ habits to make the changes and live the life you want!

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How to add value to your life

We really take life for granted!

What would it take for you to wake up in the morning feeling grateful for and enjoy everyday?

With the help of a law of attraction life coach you can make anything you want possible and live your life to the full.

Life coaching assists people in all walks of life to empower themselves and start ‘really’ living and “focusing” on the future.

Are you in your ideal job?  Do you feel you haven’t reached your life purpose? Are the relationships in your life fulfilling? Are you happy with your health and body?

Your Law of Attraction life coach will guide and support you through processes and ask you powerful questions to get the results that ‘you’ want in any area of your life.

Life coaching focuses on the future while identifying and building your strengths to achieve the outcome ‘you’ want

Are you ready to focus on the future and live the life ‘you’ want?

I am a fully QSCA accredited life coach and love that I have found my life purpose.  As a Law of Attraction life coach I get to do what I love doing.

Within my role as a Life Coach I get such fulfilment out of helping others to achieve what they want in any area of their life.

I look forward to helping you add value to your life and  achieve what ‘you’ want!