Law of Attraction Coaching

Life Coaching based on the Law of Attraction  is a rapidly growing industry empowering and supporting individuals to live the life they choose. Whether it be finding there Life Purpose, Ideal Career, Health or Ideal Relationship.

Allow me to introduce myself – My name is Cheryl Pollock and I am the founder and creator of Live Laugh Love Life Success Coaching where I support, mentor and empower my clients to get results to live the life they choose. If this is what you are looking for I can help you!

How Live Laugh Love was formed

The name came about from a saying “Live Laugh Love” that my mother used to always say to my daughter from a very young age. It seemed very appropriate to use this name as sadly my mum passed away suddenly a few years ago and it was her inspiration that led me to where I am today.

My journey to life coaching started when my mum and I were discussing a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.   I purchased the CD collection of the book and listened to it many times over.  Although “The Secret” only glosses over the “Law of Attraction” almost making it magical which it is not. My mum and I were really interested in the whole aspect of “Law of Attraction” and Quantum Physics and it became a big part of our discussions in telephone calls.   I felt the desire to gain more knowledge of the ‘Law of Attraction’.   I embarked on a search of the internet for any information I could find.

I enrolled and completed a 13 month personal growth programme with Bob Proctor (who featured in The Secret) on Life Purpose and Success. On completion of the course I embarked on what I thought was my life purpose of Rennovating houses.   With the support of my family we all put a lot of hard work into my first rennovation .  The outcome was not good.  I sustained a substantial loss.  The knowledge I gained from the “Life Success Course” enabled me to put this loss behind me and focus on all the positives that came out of my experience.

I still felt there was more for me. This was when the video from Christy Whitman was attracted to me. I felt so compelled to do the course. After thinking it over for 24hours I then made a split minute decision to enrol in the QSCA Life Coaching Course.  There were many challenges in the 12months juggling a full time job and family but I loved doing the course and was rewarded at the end  becoming an accredited life coach.

This course was life changing for me in many ways!

I love that I have found my life purpose.  I get to coach and mentor others to find ‘their’ goals and life purpose in all areas of their lives enabling them to start living the Life of their dreams.

Who would have thought 4 years ago I would be where I am today doing what I love doing!

I have now also become an accredited coach for an amazing programme Fit4Love helping people to find their ideal partners.