Relationship coaching is all about helping and supporting you to have the relationships you want with your loved ones and firends.

Relationships are a big part of our lives whether it be the relationship with our partner, our children, our parents, our family, our friends, our work colleagues or business partner

  • Having trouble finding your ideal partner?
  • Are you unhappy in any of your relationships?
  • Do you feel that people don’t appreciate you?
  • Are you having trouble finding love?

Our relationship with people has an impact on lots of areas in our lives.

How we relate to people started from an early age and our environment had a large impact on this.  The relationship that your parents had with each other, the relationship you shared with relatives, teachers and school friends.

Often the blockages that prevent us from enjoying the ideal relationship we want stem back to an incident or the environment from our childhood .

With the support of a life coach you can find clarity on what you want from a relationship.  Although love is a big part in starting and maintaining a relationship the values you share have a large impact.

As your life coach I will guide you through powerful processes that will raise your awareness around any issues that you have.  In doing so, I will teach you how to raise your vibration when resolving these issues.

Do you want help finding your ideal partner or making sure you are in the right relationship for you?   I am also an accredited fit4luv coach.  I can take you through a 10 week course on finding your ideal partner.  This 10 week course will take you on a journey from assessing past relationships, focusing on your strengths, dating resources, dating skills and assessing your dates.  For more information on this you can make an enquiry.