Client Testimonials

I am very thankful for the time Cheryl from Live Laugh Love spent coaching me at the beginning of 2012. Each session finished leaving me with a feeling of empowerment. The first couple of sessions I was apprehensive and unsure of what to expect. Cheryl was easily able to help me relax into the coaching and get the maximum results. As someone that had never had any life coaching, and really unsure to what degree it would benefit me, I was pleasantly surprised at the results that came through. I value all the time Cheryl gave me. There was not a session that I didn’t experience positive change immediately. I can definitely recommend Cheryl for coaching, I know that my focus, direction and future have been enhanced in such a positive way, as a direct result of Cheryl’s coaching. Thank you Cheryl, you are a gem!!

Meridith O’Loughlan

- Meredith – coached by Live Laugh Love

Cheryl has an amazing ability to bring clarity to any situation and ask just the right questions. I often started a session with a challenge in mind I didn’t think was going to be resolved anytime soon, only to have break throughs – big and small – and find the perfect solution to move forward with by the end of the session. The best part was that Cheryl didn’t tell me what to do, she simply guided me firmly but gently through the process of discovering my answers myself.

I’m more than happy to recommend Cheryl’s coaching for anyone who needs to clear some road blocks and find new directions in life. Thank you, Cheryl!


- Minna – Geelong Victoria

I have had the priviledge of being coached by Cheryl for about 6 months now.

During this time she has taught me processes from her Quantum Success
Training that have helped me get clear about what gets in the way of
achieving my goals and dreams. To focus on what I do want.

With Cheryls support I have now completed the Fit4love course as
well.  I highly recommend both this course and Cheryl if you
are single and looking for love.

The Fit4love course is wonderfully insightful and helps you understand
past patterns and thoughts thay may have held you back or prevented you
from attracting what you really want.
Cheryl has a gentle kind reassuring way of guiding and supporting that allows
you to relax and connect with what it is you are needing.

I highly recommend Cheryl as a Life Coach.  She is wise, caring
and understands.

If having someone experienced and skilled to support and guide you with
what you need in life appeals, contact Cheryl.

She is an Angel the Universe has enlisted to help us here on our journey called


- Maureen New Zealand

It has been my privilege to be coached by Cheryl from December 2011 to December 2012. True to her business motif, Cheryl has supported me to gain clarity and take action in relation to my life purpose, relationships and day-to-day practicalities of my life ranging from addressing procrastination through to finding my ideal home. Cheryl’s approach is warm, innovative, thoughtful, intuitive and fun. She takes care to deliver promptly on her word. Her word is her guarantee of excellence. Cheryl is a lifelong learner who astutely applies her broad knowledge & profound wisdom to the challenge at hand. I have taken numerous life-changing actions as a direct result of my work with Cheryl during this past year. Cheryl is a blessing in my renewed life.

- Teresa Smith