Transform your Body & Lifestyle

Transform your Body & Lifestyle

This is not about losing weight it is about Transforming your body and lifestyle

We all know that diets don’t work.   Actually that it is not exactly true.  It is not that they don’t work it’s the fact once we have achieved the weight loss we wanted for whatever reason it was then….slowly…slowly it starts to creep back on and we end up back where we started or even weighing heavier.  The bad habits creep back and the enthusiasm for exercise dies!

When we go on a diet we only see it as a temporary situation… if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel … you only have to be starving or eating foods you don’t long for a certain amount of time.  This is not so hard to do if you have the mindset in place.  Always in the back of your mind though, you know it is not long term.

How about a simple approach….now I said simple not easy!  Change your lifestyle and this will transform your body to how you want it to be.  As you are more than likely aware there is no quick fix but we always live in hope that there was an easy way out.  It comes down to how you really want to feel.  Do you want to spring out of bed each morning and face the day feeling alive and not tired.

There are various reasons behind why people don’t have the bodies they would like. Hey but it is never too late to start.  Let’s face it we all like quality of life and to be able to enjoy what we love doing whether it be a sporting activity or a hobby. We all like to have a good time.  We can have all these the choice is ours.

It makes me laugh that I always thought I was overweight when I was younger, looking back now I can honestly say that my body looked alright!   To think that I used to often starve myself so that I would look or was that ‘feel’ good going out on a Thursday or Friday night and then come home and devour copious amounts of Fresh bread with lots of peanut paste and butter.  I can honestly say the only time I have ever stuck to a diet was when I was 19, my mum and I went on weight watchers to lose weight for my wedding and the only reason I needed to lose weight was because I had spent the previous months travelling around eating ‘junk’ food.

So here I am reaching my mid 50’s and had been telling myself for a few years that I ‘need’ to lose weight and it is just my age that I had gained weight .  Well that is a poor excuse I know but as I told you I have never really applied myself to going on a diet so every time I tried, I set myself up for failure.  Of course Monday was always the starting day with good intentions and by the time the weekend came it all went out the door.

I have realised though that you do have to adopt a new lifestyle and over the last 12 months I have found a system that worked for me.  I am warning you it is not quick but it is forever and along the way issues that may have seen you sabotaging yourself come up and I help you deal with them as they do.  I do realise what works for one may not work for another.  I am passionate about this course and get fulfilment out of helping others change their lifestyles.  Accountability is a big factor in this 8 week course and there are short daily tasks in the programme to be completed to introduce the lifestyle changes. I am in constant contact keeping you accountable, sending you reminders.  I can also send you a daily recipes to prepare for the next day to enable you to build up a collection of your favourite healthy recipes.  Classes are held weekly in a group forum over Skype where we discuss information and feedback.  I also available on email to answer any questions you may have.   Contact me now for a ‘free’ consultation.